3PointData is a BoomStartup company!

BoomStartup is a seed capital and mentorship-driven investment program in the traditions of Y Combinator and TechStars.

3PointData -- Your Workflow, Your Apps

Real-time apps for real work.

3PointData provides the framework you need to run your business. 3PointData is in private Beta with multiple customers, drop us a line and we'll contact you as soon we launch to the public.

Your Workflow runs as an app, providing you and your customers:

Unified Workspace

  • Access all Apps in one place
  • Granular Feature Delivery…by the App
  • Domain specific:
    • Layout
    • Applications
    • Workflow

Workspace App Store

  • Add Incremental Revenue
  • Meter usage over time by
    • App
    • Organization
  • ‘Advertise’ to existing users


  • Act on real-time data
  • Identify and Prioritize Problems before they get out of hand
  • Track Employee and Customer usage patterns and efficacy
  • Score your employees in real-time


  • Dashboard in your inbox
  • Priority Issues
  • Right alert to the right person at the right time

Unified Data

  • Scale data entry quickly, while preventing errors
    • Inbound API for Integration
      • Accounting
      • POS
      • CRM
    • Metric Screener
  • Fine-tune Data
    • Manual Data Entry / Update
    • Audit and Track every change made


  • Scale the business
  • Reduce errors
  • Take employees out of the loop
  • Drive sales

Simple, Mobile UI (coming soon)

  • Enables workflow on the go
  • Your Employees are more productive
  • Alerts drive focused customer use
  • Customers are more engaged


‘Skin’ the app to reflect your corporate brand